Do you provide tracking information on orders?

Yes, HSK sends out a tracking number for every item(s) purchased. Once we ship your order, you will receive it by email.

What if I would like to change my order?

Once order is placed oh herstylekloset.com, you have 24 hours to make changes. please text or email us at herstylekloset@gmail.com as soon as possible and we will modify your order for you. After 24 hours if not contacted the oder will be considered final.

What should I do if my package is damaged or lost?

At HSK, we are committed to providing the best customer service. Each item is packaged by us to ensure its up to standards. We want our customers to get excited once they get their package. 

Unfortunately, once the item(s) is out of our hands we can not control what happens. We recommend contacting the shipping service to get updates on whats going on.